Fitness Tips To Practice And Keep Moving For Busy Jewelers Like You

Many of us hardly have time to go to the gym or have a good run in the park. While health and fitness are important, many business people neglect this fact because they have to keep up with a busy schedule. If you run a jewelry business like Butterfly Jewelry and personally design, craft, and market your own, we know it’s hard to insert this into your busy schedule. In this post, let us show you how you can stay in shape even if you are not in the gym or health club.

How to stay fit for busy solo entrepreneurs like jewelers

Due to the guidelines of the RIVM, sports accommodations and sports clubs are closed and you are expected to stay at home as much as possible. What now? How do you stay fit if you can’t go to your sports club or fitness? Below are 7 tips to stay in shape.


stairs Climbing stairs is very healthy. In fact, every step you take is a fitness exercise (lunges). You also compete against gravity. Climbing stairs is a lot more effective than jogging. Jogging for 30 minutes and climbing stairs for 15 minutes (upstairs) will burn the same number of calories. Climbing stairs burns about 10 calories per minute. This is 560 kcal per hour. It is similar to heavy fitness. You can also do different exercises. For example, jump on the stairs with two feet at the same time and do this 3×10 times. This way you also have some variety.


A very nice and easy sport to do at home is yoga. Yoga is good for the body and mind. It ensures good posture and trains legs, buttocks, back, and abdomen. There are countless yoga videos on YouTube that you can do at home. All you need is a mat or something. Are you not that familiar with yoga yet? Then set small goals, such as trying a new yoga pose every day, and keep repeating them.

Movement Games

Enjoy gaming and still stay fit? That is not so difficult nowadays. There are many games on the market that will motivate you to move. Think of Wii Fit/Sports games, but also games where you have to copy dance moves. Mind you, cheating is easy with these games. So try moving your whole body instead of just swinging the controller.

Work-out at home

You don’t have to go to a gym to do your workout. You can do a lot of exercises in your living room, you don’t need any equipment for that. Look up the following exercises on the internet and combine them into a nice home workout:

Plank Challenge

Fancy a bit of a challenge? Then do the plank challenge with colleagues, friends, or family. Plank 1 or 2 minutes at the same time every day from home. By doing it together, but still alone, you motivate the others to get moving too. You can also build it. For example, start the first day with 20 seconds of planking and increase this by 10 seconds per day. This will get you a long way these weeks.

Skipping Rope

Skipping rope is definitely not just for kids. It is one of the most efficient ways to burn calories. You use almost every muscle in your body. You will become fitter, get more in shape and you will even lose weight. You burn more calories than with sports such as running and swimming. Jumping rope for 10 minutes every day is therefore a very good workout. All you need is a rope. You can do it in the garden, but also indoors if you have enough space. Please note: it is an injury-prone sport, especially for the ankles.

Outdoor sports that you can do alone

Everyone is advised to stay at home as much as possible and to avoid social contact. But it’s good to get some fresh air every now and then, and why not combine it with a workout right away? As long as you do this alone and avoid busy areas, there is nothing to worry about. You can enjoy cycling, mountain biking, rollerblading, scootering, running, or walking. We already posted an article a while ago with all the beautiful walking and running routes in Tilburg. So go into the woods or find a nice route nearby. And if you come across others, walk/bike/skate or scooter with a bow around it.