How A Role Playing Game Became My Workout Partner

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Two hundred bucks. My insurance company will give me $200 if I just move to the gym, 50 times in an exceedingly six-month span. That’s about two occasions per week. Coming into May, I only needed seven more visits to gather the moolah. And even with cash on the barrelhead waiting, I started making excuses why I could not go that day.

If there’s one thing I’m highly motivated to try and do, though, it’s grind through a task-playing game. That I can cater to. Give me an XP total, give me a grade, put a group of quests ahead of me, and that I’ll power through them and rank up. Whether it’s a conventional RPG like Genshin Impact or a single-player career in a very sports game, I’ll pursue them, even unto physical exhaustion. Anyone who’s played Borderlands to 4 a.m. knows what I’m talking about there.

That’s why I find so intriguing something like Fitocracy. It has been in an exceedingly beta since February, and an admirer pointed me thereto a pair weeks ago. It is a site that won’t really be a computer game but it definitely applies the planning of 1, and while I’m ashamed of my bench press, I used to be pretty proud that I hit level 5 so quickly.

Wang and fellow co-founder Richard Talens are both fitness buffs. They’re also gamers. Being an MMO player since the primary generation of such games, going back to Ultima Online, Talens, who grew up as a self-described chubby kid.

As soon as you join, you see the RPG influence. Immediately, i used to be offered not a workout plan, but eight “quests.” Try this many sets, go this again, squat this much weight, do these styles of exercises. I constructed a workout plan that, in an hour, completed six quests, after about 10 minutes.

I came home sore but delighted at the large XP boost I’d earned once I entered within the results. Furthermore, while a bit unorthodox and was fresher than a boring-old standby I’d been using for nearly seven years in lieu of really researching what I should be doing, I had a brand new weights regimen that was a complete body workout.


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“It’ll take some weeks before results start contact. So people must get within the gym, maybe they’re intimidated by being there around of these other fit people; they figure out, they’re sore, and they are feeling like what do they need to point out for it aside from that pain and a demotivation to even return.”

How they see themselves and, more importantly, how they see the opposite, Wang and Talens understand both the gaming and also fitness communities.

How its members came to the positioning is probably the most important vouch for Fitocracy’s gamer cred is. Because the community is recognizably gaming-oriented and technologically savvy, Fitocracy’s early users migrated in from sites like Reddit. Another big source of signups? Something Awful. Hardly fitting stereotypes of meatheads or Men’s Health models, these are notoriously hard-to-please communities and demographics.

As a game, Fitocracy is in its infancy. Everything is on the dignity system – sure, you’ll lie your thanks to level 17, but what is the point. And fortnight in, I’m still watching the identical two quests I’ve yet to complete. Talens and Wang say they’re trying to tune the hunt system in order that members are served more of them.

As the community constantly asks if nutrition is integrated into the XP system, they’re after all exploring ideas like mobile applications so you’ll be able to “play” at the gym. “Character classes” or something approximating that also are a break, for those that want to focus on, say, running, or weight training, weight loss or toning up or whatever.

Where it’s most solid, though, is within the support communities it’s building and within the authentic voice, the positioning has with its gamer community.

Instead of forcing its users to perform the regimen, it’s developed, Fitocracy assigns an XP value to only about any style of workout activity.

Being at 37, I’ve realized too late in life its critical importance to my physical and emotional well-being, but of course, a healthy lifestyle should be its own reward. There are many bad habits and choices that make recommitting to a daily workout difficult to sustain.

But experience points, levels, quests—simply feeling like i used to be during a familiar structure where I knew the way to succeed—provided me with a motivational breakthrough. I just tipped past level 6. And coincidentally, it absolutely was the identical day that I sent an envelope to my insurance underwriter, with proof of my 50 visits and a form requesting my $200.