Staying Healthy and Fit With a Sedentary Lifestyle

Working at home during the pandemic has been a new normal. Many are working at home remotely. Mostly, sitting in front of their monitors. Although many have these desk jobs, some are still health minded and they do not want the damaging effects of having a sedentary lifestyle. What can we do to negate our health and fitness despite sitting long hours in our office chairs?





There’s a couple of mistakes that people often make when they have sedentary style desk jobs that often do more harm than good.

  1. Many have the notion “If sitting still bad for me, then I’ll get a standing desk.” The problem with this is that now you’re standing still. The problem is not the positioning but the lack of body movement and physical activity of any kind. Plus, you can still have a bad posture habits with a standing desk. Even if you’re sitting the whole day, you can do simple physical activities during breaks or even while working. Little movement snacks are necessary.
  • Body stretching
  • Walking around
  • Taking the stairs
  1. When it comes to diet, modify portion size and carbohydrate intake. Carbohydrates are just like any other form of nutrients. They are influenced based on the consumption or intake and output or expenditure. If you’re sitting or standing still for long periods of time, your expenditure of calories especially carbohydrate is relatively low. So it is not necessary to have a lot of consumption of food. Surely after a heavy lunch, when you go back to your desk, you’ll feel sleepy and tired. Your energy levels go down as well as your productivity.

Here’s a recommended desk job diet:

  • Don’t eat till overfull
  • Don’t eat fast
  • Minimize on snacks
  • Focus on Proteins
  • Low-moderate cholesterols
  • More fruits and Vegetables