Practical Print-Marketing Tools for Nonprofit Organizations

Nonprofit organizations are one of the most popular crowds to use print media. So whether you’re looking for a way to expand your reach as a nonprofit organization or a printing service looking to expand its clients, you’ll want to know more about the effective print-marketing methods and tools.

And here are the ten most effective ways that a nonprofit organization can use to reach a more significant number of people.

1- Postcards

Postcode Printing

Postcards can be seen as personalized direct mail. That’s because they’re delivered to donors or organization members but don’t require an envelope.

They’re an excellent way to combine text and visuals into a compact and handy piece.

If you’re worried about the price of printing postcards, you can make use of these cost-efficient printers with cheap ink:

2- Business Cards

Business cards combine affordability and mobility. That’s why any organization would benefit from printing them in huge volumes and taking them to any events, social gatherings, or tradeshows.

3- Brochures

Similar to business cards, brochures are very mobile and can be taken around anywhere an organization goes.

Brochures are an effective way of providing details on the organization’s mission, funding, and what it does with the funds.

It’s also a great way to links to your social media and any online presence that a target audience can engage with the organization through.

4- Posters

To be more successful fundraisers and charity events need a lot of promotion. And an excellent way to do that is through eye-catching full-color posters that provide information for these events.

If you’re a nonprofit organization, you should print differently-sized posters to be able to hang them in different places.

And if you’re the printing service, offer printing them in various sizes to accommodate the needs of the organization buying them.

5- Display Boards and Foam Boards

In crowded areas, foam boards and display boards can do wonders when it comes to communicating the organization’s message.

Moreover, they’re great methods to deliver your message during conferences, shows, and rallies, and protests.

6- Catalogs

Catalogs are the ideal option for organizations that sell posters, stickers, or apparel to promote themselves.

It could either be a personalized catalog or a page or column in an existing fundraising catalog.

7- Calendars

Calendars are great marketing tools as everyone needs and makes use of them.

You can sell them as a marketing campaign or even give them away at events.

A smart way to enhance the power of your marketing calendar would be to print important dates on it, such as future events and organizational milestones.

8- Personalized Event Tickets

If you turn event tickets into keepsakes that an audience can take home or even frame, your cause will get more exposure.

The more your ticket is visually appealing, the higher the possibility that your audience will share a photo of it on social media such as Instagram, Snapchat, or Facebook.

9- Stickers

Stickers are always a fun and appealing way to spread a message and get more exposure.

You should print a bunch of them with your organization’s logo and eye-catching visuals. This will surely make your audience stick them on their laptops or cars, spreading more awareness about your cause.

10- Personalized Envelopes

Having personalized envelopes is a creative way to make your direct mail pieces stand out.

For example, if your organization is working towards a healthier planet, you can create globe envelopes. If it’s spreading awareness about animal rights? Go for a cute panda or exotic bird.

Remember the Goals of a Nonprofit Organization

Any nonprofit group or organization run campaigns and use marketing to achieve three goals:


Providing the public with information about the issue and why it’s crucial. Moreover, they can provide information about the things they offer, such as programs.


Bringing like-minded people together to share knowledge, support each other, as well as organize themselves for action.

Call to Action

Motivating and empowering individuals and groups to take action. A nonprofit organization can do that through promoting their cause, signing up, or doing an activity related to its mission.

Final Thoughts

Print marketing has made considerable developments over the past few years. And that’s why nonprofit organizations should make use of its various benefits that could dramatically increase their reach and expand their audience and donors.