Your Health and Fitness Gym Renovation: Which Saw To Use?

The gym where you spend most of your time needs some renovation. You hired a handy man to do the job, but he lacks the tools to begin the job. So you ought to purchase a tool for his use and for your future use. Which saw should you buy? There’s a variety of power saw in the market, and it can get frustrating if you don’t know what you are looking for. In this post, we will show you the type of saw and for what purpose it serves.

Which saw for which purpose?

Often it depends on the right tool. But which model is best suited for which purpose and what do you have to pay attention to when handling? We’ll tell you which saw works the fastest – guaranteed without torn saw blades and stressed nerves.

Sawing power from the socket

As already mentioned, electrical devices such as a jigsaw or a chainsaw are indispensable for many tasks. Check out this review on the best sliding miter saw. Small jobs on fruit trees can still be carried out with the hand saws, but with large garden plots this becomes a real mammoth task. In order to meet the various requirements in the house and garden, there are also different versions of the motorized saws. The user can choose from petrol-powered and corded saws, as well as cordless tools. So that you can save yourself time and effort when doing gardening or renovation work, we are introducing you to four electronic helpers.

The circular saw

The circular saw is mainly used for interior work or renovations. Wood, plastic and even metal can be cut with high quality circular saws. Thick wooden boards can be quickly brought into the desired shape.

The chainsaw

The chainsaw is mainly used for gardening. Thinning out thick branches, felling smaller trees or sawing firewood is not a tedious job with it, it is done quickly. Since this saw harbors a high potential for danger, it is essential to use suitable protective equipment. For safety reasons, most models now also have kickback protection with a mechanical instant chain brake. This stops the saw immediately if the saw hits back.

The universal saw

The universal saw, also known as the electric Fuchsschanz or reciprocating saw, is available with both a battery and a power cable connection. If the saw head can be rotated, even hard-to-reach areas can be processed. Only buy a universal saw that allows you to easily change the saw blade without tools. This model deserves its designation as a universal saw due to the wide range of possible uses. With suitable saw blades it cuts not only wood but also plastic, metal and ceramics.

The jigsaw

The jigsaw belongs to the category of hand saws and, in contrast to the universal saw, is also suitable for finer work, such as. B. in model making or for smaller woodwork, recommended. With this device, you can easily saw out curved shapes and expand smaller openings. Medium-thick wooden panels or smaller slats can also be cut with this saw. Using different saw blades, the jigsaw also cuts through different materials, such as plastic or metal.