Thorough Dishwashing, Laundering, and Vacuuming Helps A Clean And Healthy Home

There are many studies that prove proper home cleaning and the use of technology such as dishwashers (you can purchase from vaatwasser website), washing machines, and vacuum cleaners (also available from online shops like Amazon) can help keep your a healthy and fit place to live in.

The researchers found that participants with cleaner houses received more training. Event expert NiCole Keith said: “Ultimately, the internal state of the house seems to be the only factor affecting its physical exercise.”

The question remains: do healthy people have more energy to clean the house, or are they disciplinary actions based on conditions and hygiene? Either way, keeping the house clean has its benefits-maybe a healthy body is just one of them.

Other reasons for keeping your home clean include:

Reduce stress and stress

The doctor said: “If you live in a messy house, you will inadvertently remind you what to do, and there is no room for rest to the naked eye.” Rian Rowles is a member of the Illinois Olympic Psychiatrist at Oak Lawn Christian Advocacy Medical Center. Too many lips can cause extreme stress and fatigue. The longer it takes to search for or discover something, the higher the stress level and the increased risk of illness. ”

Eliminate allergy and asthma symptoms

In areas with carpets, upholstery or beds, or in rooms with high natural humidity (such as basements and garages), they can exacerbate allergies and asthma if they are not kept clean.

An allergy and asthma expert at Christ Medical Center staff, Dr. Gavani Uma, said that dust mites and fungi flowing through the body can cause allergic reactions, reduce air quality and increase potential asthma air quality.

Dr. Gavani: “The more items in your home, the harder it is to clean.” “The cluttered areas increase the possibility of dust, pet dander and mold growing in cabinets, surfaces and crevices.”

Improve security

Gary Bettenhausen, director of the Oak Lawn Fire Department’s EMS, said: “Collisions and fires are the two main causes of home injury and death.” Tripping objects and slipping on a smooth surface can cause head injuries, Injuries and sprains on the feet may lead to hospital emergency room. ”

Any area that blocks porches and corridors also has a fire hazard. Bettenhausen said: “Shards can easily spread the fire and hinder your ability to escape or preserve.”

It is important to keep your house clean and free to ensure environmental safety.

Reduce the spread of bacteria

Although most people think that the bathroom is the place with the most bacteria in the house, the survey results show that the kitchen is the biggest problem.

Stephen Sokalski, an infectious disease expert at Christian Medical Center, said: “The kitchen is a good place for bacteria to grow, because many cracks may contain water or splashes.”

He suggested that the countertop should be made of waterproof material, which can turn white after preparing raw meat and fish. After each use, please clean the sponges and fabrics that support the growth of pathogens.

According to a study by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, gastrointestinal diseases can be spread through contaminated food, and there is little possibility of food poisoning in properly cleaned and disinfected kitchens. “You will be surprised to see how many raw foods will produce pathogens on it before cooking.” Sokarsky.

He also emphasized the importance of paying attention to the bathroom. “Trays, flush valves and faucets are easily contaminated with potentially harmful bacteria and must be disinfected. This is the main problem when cleaning the hospital environment and should be used at home.”