Squirrel Removal – Prevent Damage To Your Home And Certain Health Risks

Tree squirrels, ground squirrels, flying squirrels, prairie dogs, chipmunks, and woodchucks are all part of the squirrel family. They dig holes in gardens and lawns looking for stems, roots, shoots, barks, flowers, leaves, nuts, and fruits. They also love to stash their supplies and bury seeds and nuts in order for them to survive the harsh winter seasons.

Squirrel Removal – Why It Is Necessary

While these critters are cute and often harmless, squirrels can cause damage to property and be a nuisance. Hence, squirrel removal is necessary as well as to make certain that your home or property is secured from these creatures.

Squirrels Cause Damage

For homeowners as well as wildlife removal experts, squirrels are one of the leading animals causing annoyance. They are particularly destructive before and during the cold weather and season as they have to take shelter and keep warm. When squirrels build their nests, they can cause damage to structures and homes since they chew openings like the siding as well as underneath eaves, or the roofing edges which extend the face of a wall. They may chew through chimneys with no vents and screens and can build their nests in these parts. If squirrels do build their nests in this area, it is a fire hazard and can be chaotic in the event one or more of it falls over the shaft and end up inside your home.

If you think there are squirrels living in your chimney, walls, attic or roof, squirrel removal is crucial not only to save your home from any added damage but also from health hazards since they are unsanitary and can bring about harmful health effects.

Squirrels Can Be Dangerous

Their urine and feces that they leave behind produce a strong and revolting odor which could lead to harmful health effects as well. When they die and isn’t immediately removed from your home, the decomposing carcass will be covered in parasites and more bacteria will emerge. Furthermore, squirrels may carry certain diseases. While they are small, they may have rabies (but is unlikely) and can bite, making squirrel removal and the more important and should be done by professionals.