Sport & Weight Loss Doctor For Good Health

Unfortunately, a diet or a change in diet alone is not enough to achieve and maintain your desired weight over the long term. This also requires more exercise and sport.

Positive effects of sport

Exercise gets the metabolism going. This means that the body automatically uses more energy and therefore calories, making it easier to lose weight. In addition, stress can be reduced and the feeling of satiety and motivation can be positively influenced.

Furthermore, regular exercise can noticeably delay the aging process and stimulates the production of messenger substances in the brain that make you happy and put you in a good mood. Blood circulation is also promoted and mobility and endurance improved. An additional effect of sport, which makes it easier to lose weight, is reduced appetite after physical activity.

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Sport in everyday life – top sports to lose weight

Everyday life can also be used for more exercise. You can start by climbing the stairs instead of using the elevator. Another way to get more exercise would be to walk short distances instead of taking the bus. Instead of taking the bike to the car or when making a phone call, try to walk back and forth a lot rather than standing still or even sitting. In this way, many small everyday activities can be managed with more movement. Even this small amount of exercise helps the cardiovascular system and metabolism to become fit and healthy again. Elevated blood fat levels drop and the heart gets stronger.

Why does sport help against food cravings?

Physical activity in the brain stimulates the production of neuronal messenger substances. This signals the body a feeling of well-being, lift spirits and make you happy. Stress and anger, which can trigger mental cravings, are reduced. The feeling of satiety is positively influenced and appetite is curbed. In addition, the movement stimulates the metabolism, which means that the body automatically uses more energy and at the same time calories, which in turn has a positive effect on the figure.