How To Strengthen Your Immune System To Protect Against Various Diseases And Viruses

The hygiene tips to protect yourself against the coronavirus are now firmly anchored in society. Keep your distance, wash your hands regularly, do not touch your face. Of course, a good immune system against the virus and the disease COVID-19 also helps quite banally. Especially people who belong to the risk group should, therefore, take care to strengthen their immune system.

The immune system actually consists of two systems, the innate (non-specific) and the acquired (specific). The former recognizes which body cells are affected and destroys them. The acquired immune system, also called the learning immune system, analyzes the pathogen and produces precisely tailored substances. These attach to the pathogen, immobilize it and mark it. The better the cooperation between these two systems works, the better pathogens can be fought.

With a few tricks and behaviors, you can increase the functionality of your immune system and significantly increase the chance of dealing better with diseases.

Good nutrition

A good and balanced diet helps the immune system to have all necessary vital substances available in sufficient quantities. These primarily include vitamins, minerals and trace elements. It is advisable to eat a varied diet. Sugar, animal fats and meat are allowed to step a little shorter. Vitamin C is also important for the immune system. Panic, however, should not be used for food supplements. These are only necessary if there is a defect.

Get Moving

Anyone who moves also keeps the immune system going. The hackneyed saying that exercise keeps you young also applies to the immune system. Those who live more actively improve the body’s resistance. The formation of antibodies and defense cells is stimulated. However, too much stress is also not good, after a marathon, for example, the immune system only needs a little time to recover.

Fresh air and drink (water)

Fresh air is good for the airways, especially for the mucous membranes. These form the first line of defense against pathogens. However, if the air is dry, which is particularly the case in heated rooms, the mucous membranes do not work so well. Regular venting helps here. Even those who drink a lot keep the mucous membranes moist and in good condition.

Soak up the sun (Vitamin D)

The immune system is also happy about vitamin D. The body forms this when it receives sun rays. Since these are rather rare in winter, the sun’s rays should now be used as effectively as possible. Moderate tuition in tablet form is also possible.

Keep Warm

Warm temperatures boost blood circulation, activate defense cells and release messenger substances. Since the blood transports the defense cells, they get to the site more quickly if there is better blood flow. A visit to the sauna can help, but a hot (foot) bath does the same.

Your health is important especially in these times of health crisis. While many people are in quarantine and most businesses are in lockdown (except for some online businesses with a good PPC agency), you can use the time to be healthy by eating the right foods, right exercise, and basking in the sun. All these even if you are at home.