Your Health and Your Plumbing System

Sometimes, it is actually unnoticeable that faulty pipes within the plumbing system can cause significant effect to one’s health. Aside from the drinking and bathing water, the overall air quality and the general house cleanliness may be affected by inefficient plumbing system. The most basic and effective preventive measure to avoid unwanted health issues is the regular maintenance of plumber nottingham. Generally, these health issues may impose a problem just prior to the noticeable effect of the plumbing system.

The Problems Down There

Old houses were built using pipes made from materials considered for leaking out hazardous chemicals into the water. These chemicals mixed with water can result to serious health issues affecting the liver, kidneys, hair, and skin. The chemicals like zinc, lead, and cadmium are the major factor for these health concerns which can be unnoticeable in terms of taste and color.

Pipes made of copper may also cause potential hazards to small children.

In case the plumbing system is damaged and contained with too much debris and deposits of hard water, the eventual contamination will have a great impact on either short or long term basis. Regular inspections of the plumbing system may be a big help to solve the common but easy to address health issues.


Drain blockade means blocking of bacteria

It is actually inconvenient if the drains have clogs and are blocked. Blocked pipes may release an unclean odor which is often caused by bacteria or mold growth. This microbial growth will spread over the plumbing system rather than flushing it out quickly. In addition, the stagnant water collected inside the pipes will attract insects and pests that may be a vehicle to spread the disease inside the house.


Leaky pipes lead to serious problems

Pipes that are leaking create spaces on the walls, sinks, and floors where mildew easily spreads out. Eventually, this fungal growth will spread out into the air which will be breathed by any of your family members including you. The poor air quality coming from that damp will result to problems of the respiratory system and even allergies.


Unwanted sewage

Aside from unpleasant odor, sewage water also brings illnesses. Filtering the drinking water may not effectively collect the harmful viruses that can be mixed with water. Because of this, bacteria like E-coli and Salmonella may put the health of your family at risk in case proper maintenance of the septic tank and the way on how to be healthy without spending too much is not practiced.