Lorrie King Scheduled to Speak at Maya Angelou International Women’s Health Summit

50 Cents. Period. Founder to Discuss Women’s Health Challenges Domestically and Abroad

  WHO: Lorrie L. King, MPH
Community Health Director, Clarkston Development Foundation
Founder, 50 Cents. Period.
  WHAT: Maya Angelou International Women’s Health Summit

  WHEN: Thursday, 20 November and Friday, 21 November 2014  
  WHERE: Maya Angelou Women’s Health and Wellness Center
3333 Silas Creek Parkway
Winston-Salem, North Carolina 27103
  WHY: Lorrie King will be speaking at the Maya Angelou International Women’s Health Summit, a multinational collaboration dedicated to highlighting and improving the health of women around the world

King is scheduled for two presentations.

Thursday, 20 November 2014, 1.20 to 1.40 p.m.
Case Study: Reducing Absenteeism and Raising School Completion Rates through Comprehensive Menstrual Hygiene Management in Kathmandu, Nepal
  • To discuss menstrual customs and taboos in developing countries, particularly Nepal, and the effects on absenteeism and retention rates amongst girl students
  • To present a case study on one school in Nepal, discussing the background, the development and implementation of a program to
  • To demonstrate the importance of menstrual hygiene management in reducing absenteeism and increasing graduation rates among girls in similar developing countries

Friday, 21 November, 1.05 to 1.25 pm
Maternal Health in the Atlanta Refugee Population: A Framework for Understanding
  • To discuss the maternal health issues being introduced into the Atlanta metro area by members of the refugee population
  • To provide an understanding of the major Atlanta refugee groups though a discussion of their history and origins
  • To provide examples of pro-active measures taken by medical personnel to provide better medical care and reduce emergency situations in the refugee population
  • To encourage the implementation of programs to better connect the refugee population with the medical community
  • To demonstrate the importance of understanding of and sensitivity to differing cultures and traditions in order to effectively treat members of the refugee community
For registration and more info, contact Maya Angelou International Women’s Health Summit.

About Clarkston Development Foundation
Clarkston Development Foundation (CDF: A Collective Action Initiative) is a community impact organization in Clarkston, Georgia, engaging residents through holistic programs of safety, education, economic development, and community health.

About 50 Cents. Period.
50 Cents. Period. was established in 2010 to empower women and girls to stay fully engaged in their communities and education without the stigma and barriers surrounding their period, gender and reproductive choices. The organization takes its name from founder Lorrie Lynn King’s visit to Andhra Pradesh, India, where she discovered that many girls were unable to attend school during their menstruation because of lack of sanitary supplies – a problem that could be addressed with just fifty cents per month per girl.

The organization employs a holistic approach that seeks to empower women and girls through building their social and economic capacities. 50 Cents. Period focuses its programs and advocacy in underserved, traditionally marginalized communities, addressing such issues as chaupadi (the forced, ritualized exclusion of women during menstruation); rape warfare; living with HIV and FGM; and by providing sanitary products, reproductive health education workshops and curricula, clean water, and sanitation facilities. In tandem with these efforts, 50 Cents. Period furnishes linkages to care and connections to peer support and income generating projects.

At present, 50 Cents. Period program sites are located in Andhra Pradesh, India; the Kathmandu, Sindhupalchok and Karnali districts of Nepal; the Masaka, Kanungu, Rukungiri and Kasese regions of Uganda; and in the US in Clarkston, Georgia, the Southeastern epicenter of refugee resettlement. In May 2013, 50 Cents. Period concluded a six-month pilot program in Nicaragua, and is currently exploring Central American partnerships that serve indigenous women.

About Maya Angelou International Women’s Health Summit
The Maya Angelou International Women’s Health Summit is a multinational collaboration dedicated to highlighting and improving the health of women around the world. National and international participants will engage in two days of dialogue, planning and networking in response to keynote and panel presentations. Together, we can create conversations and develop strategies to help make women’s health a global priority.

A few of the topics to be covered include maternal and infant mortality, cross-cultural differences in women’s health, women and The Affordable Care Act, global obesity, the impact of war and conflict on women’s health, and much more.